National Industri and Richard Pfeifer

The very begnining

RICHARD PFEIFER (RF) was established in Sarpsborg a city located south east in Norway February 1920. The main product of RF was new production of power transformers for the Norwegian market.


In 1970 RICHARD PFEIFER was acquired by NATIONAL INDUSTRI (NI) and they changed the production from power transformers to industrial special transformers (shell type), and aimed for the global market. NI exported furnaces and rectifier transformers all over the world, and by 1988 NI  was the leading company for furnace transformers production in the world.

NATIONAL INDUSTRI was incorporated in ABB by the end 1988,  and in 1994 they decided to close the plant in Sarpsborg and move it to ABB Drammen. Many of the employees moved along with the company, but not all. Some of the former employees of NATIONAL INDUSTRI and ABB decided to carry on with transformer production in Sarpsborg, and therefore Norsk Trafo Service (NTS) where established in 1996.


Old National Industri

Recent History

NTS have since year 2000 exported furnace transformers and industrial special transformers based on the shell type principle all over the world. Over the years we have build up a solid portfolio on furnace transformers.


Furnace and rectifier transformer delivered from NATIONAL INDUSTRI are still repaired in our factory in Sarpsborg. And we are able to supply former customers of NATIONAL INDUSTRI with new transformers or new spare parts for the entire transformer, such as:


- Bushings

- Protective Devices

- NI Tap Changer parts, NI Diverter switch parts

- MR Tap Changer parts

- ASEA Tap Changer parts

- Coils

- Core

- Cooling systems

- Ect..