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A global player

With the starting point being our manufacturing facility in Sarpsborg, we supply transformers, together with overhaul and maintenance services, to the global market. The last few years have seen us fulfil a range of major and prestigious orders on every continent, in which we have ensured the customer received a high-quality product with a long operational life.
Prior to transportation, protruding parts are disassembled and packaged in separate crates ready for shipment. The crate for the transformer itself is protected against rough handling. The oil can be transported separately to avoid problems with transportation. The transformer is then filled with nitrogen or dry air to maintain the correct level of dryness in the windings.

Quality in work

We strives to produced and delivered as high quality in our products as possible, this is why we only use subcontractors with great reliability and integrity. All of our transformers are build by a team of experienced and qualified specialists. Production of industrial transformers requires high standards throughout the supply chain.

Industrial Transformers delivered

Last few decades we have delivered industrial shell-type transformers to a world wide market. Look at the map get an view on our largest projects


Industial transformers lifetime

The life expectancy of industrial transformers. Recently we was on a subject exhibition here in Norway, and one of the speakers addressed this topic.What is the expected lifetime of an industrial transformer, especially EAF furnace transformer?

We get the impression that the market believes that a EAF furnace transformer only got 10 years expected lifetime. If you ask us, we would say that it completely dependents on which design you use for witch application. We expect our shell-type transformers to be at least 30 years in an ferro alloy furnace application with nominal operation.
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Shell-type transformers

The design of the shell-type transformer is recognized as the strongest design for EAF industrial transformer. We manufacture both core- and shell-type transformers, and we have delivered both types of transformers all around the world.

An shell-type transformeris is a very strong mechanical and electrical construction, and can resis frequent on and off switching, high magnitude inrush currents, high operation currents, fast transient overvoltages, and a high number of OLTC operations are the everyday challenges for a furnace transformer. To click here to learn more about the differences between core-type and shell-type transformers.
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